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Hi, Thanks for stopping by!  I'm a SSBBW from New Jersey, if you don't know what that stands... for keep reading, SSBBW = Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman and that is what I am.  I don't diet or apologize for my size. I am 44 years old and a Taurus. I am around 375 lbs. and about 5'4".  I have waist length brown hair and hazel eyes.  I'm a buxom babe with a Vampire Bat tattoo! (Only special people know his name. ^..^)   Being single and presently unattached, I'd like to tell you what it is I'm looking for in a relationship. This is not very easy to do, and what I'm looking for may not even be out there.  I'm looking for someone who is strong but gentle, serious yet playful, really cute and sexy, but not so full of himself to see that I'm cute and sexy too!!!  He MUST be sure of his preference for a SSBBW like myself.  Someone who is not afraid to tell the world, (or his friends and family) that he loves only me.  Honesty and trust are two very important traits in a relationship and I'll give them easily to the right person.  If you are a player or attached.. keep walking!  I love animals and nature, so someone that can appreciate the same would be perfect.  Now, that doesn't seem like too much to ask for... does it?  @}-}{--XOXOXO
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Flower Power! I'm a Florist by trade but presently work for a Horticultural broker here in New Jersey.  I'm going on 13 years with this company! My love of nature is satisfied and I get paid to be there!  I have a BS in Computer Science and a Masters in Horticulture.  Nature and plants are in my blood.. I am an Earth Goddess. : )
Elvira is everywhere! I have modeled for Rockshots Card Company of New York.   I'm was Miss February in the 1996 calendar and also Miss March in the 1998 calendar.  I'm on the cover of the Bulging Beauties Calendar for 2002 and have two months that year! I appear on several of their greeting cards and you can play with me on a deck of cards too! The line features SSBBW's and the calendar is called Bulging Beauties. You can find them in Spencers Gifts Shops and I have done print and runway (catwalk) work and have been featured in 'The Sun' (as a centerfold), 'The National Enquirer', and on TV.  I love to sing, but don't ask me... I'm way to shy for that.

Elvira AKA Kitty from Hell!

       I love my Kitty, Elvira! Cat running Keep them safe.

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